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Online Journal of African Affairs (ISSN 2346-7479) is an international, multidisciplinary, blind peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes articles in all areas of African studies with relation to politics, heritage studies and management, archaeology, musicology, cultural landscape, traditional knowledge system, anthropology and ancient history, literature, arts, cultural and social studies, history, economic and security matters, international affairs with linkage to immediate regions, colonization, ethnicity, regionalization, media, religion, races and racism, education, military, growth and development, health and medical issues peculiar to Africans, issues relating to ECOWAS, SADC, etc. The aim is to have a centralized information for African countries.


Manuscripts should be submitted as e-mail attachment to submit.ojaa@onlineresearchjournals.org or ojaa.onlineresearch@gmail.com. OJAA editorial board makes an objective and quick decision on each manuscript.

Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript within a MONTH of submission. Following rigorous unbiased peer evaluation, a paper would be published within 72 hours after acceptance by the Editorial board.



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