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Volume 1 Issue 2, Pages 35-41

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Review Paper

The Evolution of the Marketing Concepts: Theoretically Different Roads Leading to Practically Same Destination!


Solomon A. Keelson


Takoradi Polytechnic, School of Business, Department of Marketing, P.O Box 256, Takoradi, Ghana. E-mail: solkiilson@yahoo.com


Downloaded 21 January, 2012

Accepted 27 March, 2012


This work is part of a larger study on market orientation and business performance. The evolution of the marketing concept from the pre-industrial revolution, down to our day is critically reviewed. The marketing concept as a business philosophy is traced from its origins as a business belief where efficient production was the emphasis to the current belief which emphasizes customer needs as a means of long-run business success. The concept has evolved in a progressive fashion over the last century. The underlying assumption of the development of the concept has geared toward certain line of business needs. Over the year, at least six different philosophies have developed, with latter ones being superior to earlier ones. While different philosophical concepts have been dominant at particular business eras, the development of a new concept had not necessarily mean abolition of old concepts. In some cases new concepts have overlapped old ones; while in others old concepts have complemented new ones. The paper acknowledges that the development of the marketing concept demonstrates an improvement in business thought and insight aimed at creating and retaining profitable customer at different eras of business.


Keywords: Marketing concept; Organisational objective, profitable customers; organizational performance.





Online J. Soc. Sci. Res.


Vol. 1 No. 2

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