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Online Journal of Physical and Environmental Science Research (ISSN 2315-5027) is an international, multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes applied researches in all branch of Physical sciences, Environmental studies, and Water resources that will result in the development of new procedures that can lead to improvement in these areas.


The journal continues to accept manuscripts in all aspects of environmental studies, physical sciences and water resources related courses (such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology, mining, computer science, environment studies, GIS, geography, oceanography, etc). Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting original research and or reviews in these fields. Submitted papers must be in technical English, suitable for scientific publication. All articles have to be original articles that have not been published elsewhere or are being considered for publication in other journals. All articles submitted are peer reviewed. Receipt of the manuscript would be acknowledged by email. Effort would be made to complete the review process within 4 weeks. Papers should be submitted electronically as attached word file.



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