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Online Research Journals (OR Journals) is an outstanding, multidisciplinary, international, peer reviewed, open access, research journal that provides one of the widest dissemination of technical, scientific, humanities and medical journals to the global scientific community. Our overriding parameters for accepting articles are hinged on how well the article is written (quality) and most importantly, the scientific dept and severity of the research. One of the aims of OR Journals is for researchers in all field as well as the general public to have centralized information that will bring about growth and development in all spheres of life. It is our vision to expand the frontiers of scientific research and  publication.


Some of our recent publications


Inside Look: Educational Managers’ Four Life Quadrants
  This study examines the challenges faced by educational managers in handling their four life quadrants (that is work, family, self and friends/community)....
.........Read more


I can love you more than they hate’: Conceptualisation of love in Turkish love songs in the Eurovision Song Contest from a World Englishes Perspective

This paper examines how English in songs performed by Turkish performers at Eurovision reflects cultural conceptualisations familiar to.......Read more


A Challenge or Not: Understanding the Lived Experience of Public Elementary and Secondary MathScore Coordinators in the Implementation of Web-Based Math Program (MathScore)


This study aimed to provide the acceptance of MathScore as a valuable tool in improving the quality of math education through an in-depth understanding of..........Read more



















































































































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