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Online Research Journals (ORJ) is an international, open access, research journal that provides one of the widest dissemination of outstanding peer reviewed journals to the scientific community. We take pride in our vast experience in the publication of multidisciplinary scientific, technical, and medical journals. Our aim is to expand the frontier of scientific journals publication.

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Effects of Population Density and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Soybean Yield in the Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria
A study was conducted by three Nigerian scholars to identify the best soybean variety/varieties from among 13 soybean varieties of three maturity classes (early, medium and late)........Read more


Competencies in Cane Rat Production for the Training of NCE Agricultural Education Students in Nsukka Agricultural Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria for Wealth Generation after Graduation

A study was conducted by some Nigerian researchers to identify the competencies required in cane rat production for the training of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) of agricultural education students for wealth generation after graduation...... Read more

A Critical Analysis of the Translation Strategies Used by Pathisa Nyathi in the Book Traditional Ceremonies of AmaNdebele (2001)

A Zimbabwean researcher carried out a study to reveal the challenges/problems that are encountered when writing culture bound words from one language to another using Ndebele language to English language as could be seen in the book 'Traditional ceremonies of the AmaNdebele'......Read more



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Do you have or are currently working on a research paper that investigates the South Korean growth experience to analyze growth issues and prospects in developing countries? The Global Development Network is inviting researchers from eligible developing countries to submit completed papers on this specific theme for the KOICA Development Research Award (KOICA Award).

*The KOICA Award will be given in several categories including special prizes for best submissions from young researchers, women and researchers from the 26 Priority Partner Countries of KOICA
*The winners will receive monetary prizes of up to USD 8,000 and an opportunity to travel to Seoul, Korea in late summer 2014 to attend the prize distribution ceremony.
*The prizes will be awarded based upon the academic quality, usefulness of the findings and conclusions and literary quality of the papers.

Application Deadline: 15 April, 2014 (Indian Standard Time 6:00 PM)

For information, log on to the KOICA Award webpage (http://www.gdn.int/koicawards).

To Apply: Please visit www.gdn.int/kdra2014. All applications and documents must be submitted via the online submissions platform.

The KOICA Award is a competitive prize administered by GDN and funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). For queries related to the Competition, please write to: gdnkoica@gdn.int


Note: ORJ is not a participating member of KOICA Award, as such, enquiries should not be directed to us. All enquiries should be made to the secretary of KOICA through gdnkoica@gdn.int. ORJ is wishing success to all our journals faithful (including contributors, readers, reviewers, and editors) that are eligible and wish to participate in the competition.
































































































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