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Online Research Journals (ORJ) is an international, open access, research journal that provides one of the widest dissemination of outstanding peer reviewed journals to the scientific community. We take pride in our vast experience in the publication of multidisciplinary, scientific, technical, and medical journals. Our aim is to expand the frontier of scientific journals publication. Our overriding parameters for accepting articles is hinged on how well an article is written and most importantly, the scientific dept and severity of the article.


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Influence of Job Suitability on the Effectiveness of Studentsí Records Management in South-South Nigerian Universities

  This study examined the influence of job suitability on the effectiveness of studentsí records management in South-South Nigerian Universities.. .........Read more


Islamic Traditional Healing Amongst the People of Sampa in Ghana: An Empirical Study

This study focuses on the role of Islamic healers and Islamic healing in general amongst the people of .........Read more

Women Entrepreneurship: A Study of the Relationship between Motivation and Type of Business Ownership
This study shows the understanding of the relationship between the factors that motivate women into entrepreneurship and their choice of business ownership. ........Read more





















































































































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